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20th anniversary

Therapies can help

Many people use mainstream complementary therapies such as those available at our centre to help..

Improve well-being and give a general boost

Reduce stress, tension and anxiety

Relief of some symptoms that come with disability and illness

Lessen some of the side effects of cancer treatments

Aid sleep 

Provide some time out to help you cope with difficult feelings

Client’s Testimonial

‘The availability of complementary therapies from TDF has been instrumental in maintaining me in good health over the last ten years.  As a patient with back problems due to hyper mobility, I live with intermittent joint pain, particularly in my neck and lower back which impairs my function at home and at work.  Since accessing therapy support via TDF, my mobility has increased and pain has reduced.  I am very please to have been able to minimise use of pain relieving medication through treatment received at TDF.  In terms of health maintenance, I feel that TDF has been critical to allowing me to work without sickness absence and more fully enjoy my family life.’



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