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Thai Yoga Massage

thaiThai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, which has been handed down from teacher to pupil since the 3 rd Century. It is a unique and powerful massage therapy whereby a therapist uses their own hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure along an energy line system called “The Ten Sen” through which the body’s natural life force flows. Thai Yoga Massage Practitioners believe that by releasing blockages in this life force, the body’s own natural healing potential is freed thus restoring balance, health and harmony. Treatments are uniquely tailored to an individual’s needs.

What happens during a Thai Yoga massage treatment?

You will be asked to lie on a futon, which has been placed on the floor. After consultation with you, the therapist will move your body with a series of stretches and yoga positions. The application of pressure points will also be used at certain times. The pressure work and stretches are adaptable in degree of intensity depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Loose clothing should be worn.

What can Thai Yoga Massage treat/Why choose Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is applied through clothes so it is useful if you do not want to undress. No oil is used. The treatment works deeply to release tension, improve posture and promote relaxation. Clients say that it leaves the body feeling lighter, more mobile, whilst the mind and emotions are cleared of clutter. They also report having more energy, sleep better, are more flexible and well-aligned. It is successful in preventing and relieving many common ailments such as back, shoulder or neck pain, knee pain, stress and post traumatic stress, SAD, high and low blood pressure, poor posture and alignment, migraine and headaches, digestive problems, pre-menstrual tension, asthma, fatigue, sciatica and insomnia. It can also be useful for sports injuries.

When is it not safe or suitable to have Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga is safe in most cases. If you need help transferring, please advise TDF at time of booking and bring a carer with you. Thai Yoga may not be suitable if you cannot transfer onto the futon.

After your treatment

As with all complementary therapies, drink lots of water!

Thai Yoga massage session information

Sessions last 60 minutes for adults, 30 minutes for children. No need to undress. Clients should wear loose comfortable clothing.


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