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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of deep massage aimed at those who regularly undertake physical activity/sport. It should always be included in a training program as it helps break down scar tissue. This type of muscle damage particularly affects sports people because of the excessive repetitive stain muscles are under. This can cause tension and inflexibility, so massage can improve tissue elasticity and therefore it can directly affect the performance of the sports person.

Why choose sports massage

Sports massage can assist recovery between intense training sessions. It can monitor stress which maybe building in the body and so warns against potential injury. As it is effective for most types of injury, it can also aid recuperation if an injury has been sustained. Since it is a very intense and specific treatment it is not appropriate for everybody . Sports massage may be suitable for you if:

  • you are engaged in regular sport or exercise more than twice a week. ( If you exercise less than twice a week, it may still be appropriate for you but depnds on what type of sport and for how long it is undertaken at each session)
  • if you regularly run, train at the gym at least twice a week, or undertake an active sport such as squash, tennis, football or rugby
What happens during a treatment?

Sports massage usually consists of a deep massage of 30 minutes. The rest of the consultation is made up of analysis of posture, range of movement, gait and limb assessment as well as general advice on stretching, nutrition and training routines. If there are any problems in making an accurate assessment or identification, the client will be referred to an appropriate health professional.

When is it not appropriate to have a sports massage?

If sport/exercise is not regular, or you have only just started a sport then sports massage is not an appropriate and remedial massage should be your first therapy option. Even if you have been exercising regularly every week, for more than a month and are reasonably fit, again remedial massage may be more appropriate.

Session Information

Duration of therapy may vary, depending on a client’s condition, sessions last up to 45 minutes or 30 minutes for children.

Wear comfortable clothing. Suitable for adults and children.

Disabled Carer/NHS Non-disabled
£16 £18 £20


Child Prices

Disabled Carer/NHS Non-disabled
£11 £13 £18
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