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20th anniversary

About TDF

The Disability FoundationThe Disability Foundation (TDF) is a registered charity established in 1998 based at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, providing complementary therapy services to disabled people, anyone suffering from a chronic health issue or medical condition, as well as those involved in their care, including NHS staff.

TDF believes that by using holistic and natural approaches , quality of life is enhanced, pain can be relieved and well-being promoted. Human touch is an important medicine that is overlooked but an integral part of our therapies.  The treatments work at promoting deep relaxation, easing pain, loosening joints and stiffness along with other ailments that come with disability.  Many of our clients feel that TDF has been instrumental in maintaining their health and their stress levels greatly reduced.  Some clients call it ‘a salutary medicine’ that they couldn’t manage without.

We are a unique organisation because we have no age, religious or ethnic barrier. The therapies available deal with all ranges of disability & health issues – both seen and unseen.  We receive no government or other funding and rely entirely on donations and fundraising.

Client’s Testimonial ‘In terms of health maintenance, I feel that TDF has been critical to allowing me to work with less sickness absence and more fully enjoy my family life.’


Our Trustees and Patrons

The trustees are representatives elected to the Board by membership and determine TDF’s aims, objectives and priorities.

Honorary Patrons

Richard Desmond


The Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust

Lork Fink

Keith Freedman

Mark Steinberg

Gerald Ronson CBE

Sir Phillip Green


The Pears Foundation


Robin Gibbons

Michele Freedman

Rebecca Lowrie

Ruth Vickers

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