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Baby and Infant Massage

Baby massage has been practised for centuries in many cultures and in some, is still a part of a baby’s daily life. After babies have made their way into the world they need the constant reassurance of a loving touch. Massage creates a strong, loving link between mother, father and baby.

It is particularly useful for fast-birth, caesarean, premature and special care babies if bonding is to be established. It can assist in the physiological and emotional development of the child, and evidence has suggested babies who receive regular massage are subject to far fewer health problems, feed and sleep better. It can help a baby’s digestive system (eg colic), nervous system, immune system, respiratory system and musculo-skeleton system.

The therapist is also able to teach parents and carers massage techniques to use at home.

Baby and infant massage information

First baby massage session lasts 60 minutes. Thereafter sessions last 30 minutes.

Suitable for babies and infants only.


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