TDF are always extremely grateful for any donation received. By supporting our charity, you’ll know you are making a real difference to the lives of adults, children and their families coping with disability and social disadvantage. We need as much help as people can give to keep our services and equipment up to date and meet the growing demand for our therapies.

Organising Events in Aid of TDF
If you are interested in organising or helping organise an event or have a fundraising idea please email us on or phone our reception team on 020 8954 7373.

TDF has helped me to change my life, by giving me the tools I needed when I felt so low and boosted my confidence and self-esteem.

You can help TDF in a number of ways no matter how small the donation. Every penny counts! If you have any fundraising ideas get in touch!

Thank you to all our members for supporting us.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a fantastic way for your donation to go even further at NO added cost to you! For every £1 donated, TDF can apply for an extra 28p from Gift Aid. To make a donation please use the TDF Gift Aid form below. Thank you for your support.

Click here  for TDF Gift Aid Form


Online Donations

You can now make a donation from as little as £5 securely and swiftly by clicking below

Click to donate online via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)

To find us enter  The Disability Foundation Ltd  in the "Find a Charity" search box.

Or donate via:

Donate via Virgin Money Giving

Direct Donations

You can make a donation by a cheque made payable to The Disability Foundation and post it to the address below or simply give your donation to a member of our reception team during your next visit.

Becoming a Friend or Patron

If you would like to become a ‘Friend’ or ‘Patron’ of TDF please contact us using any of the contact details below. Thank you very much for considering becoming an invaluable Friend or Patron of The Disability Foundation. Your support is key to the charity continuing to offer its services to adults and children. Once your form has been received by TDF a member of the fundraising team will contact you personally.

Private and Corporate Sponsorship

You can support TDF either privately or through your company. These can be general donations or in response to specific appeals or direct sponsorship of TDF events. To find out more, please contact The Disability Foundation

Give as You Earn

You can help TDF by promoting pay roll giving in the workplace. For more information contact your local Inland Revenue Office or go to HMRC Payroll Giving

Self Assessment Donations

Self-assessment tax payers can use their tax return form to donate all or part of any repayment due to them to charity. The Disability Foundation’s SA Return Number is YAP98QG. Please note this number prior to downloading application form. For more information and an application form go to HMRC


A legacy is a specific amount of money or property, which you state in your Will is to be given to charity after your death by the executor of your estate.

This can be ‘£x,000 ‘or ‘the proceeds of the sale of my house’ or ‘the residue of my estate after all other legacies have been paid’.

The Disability Foundation (TDF) is a registered charity and can accept legacies for general use, or for a special purpose defined by you.

Anything given to charity in your Will reduces the value of the estate for Inheritance Tax calculations, and thus could save 40% inheritance tax being paid to the taxman, if your estate is more than £263,000. Many houses alone are worth more than this, of course, so planning to give to charity through your Will can be very tax-efficient!


A Will ensures that your money goes to those you would like to benefit after your death. If you die without leaving a Will, it may well go to people you are not inclined to help, or even to the State, in extreme circumstances! So it is a good idea to leave a Will.

The Trustees of TDF will accept legacies, which can be used as the Trustees see fit, or if you have discussed your intentions and ideas with us, we will seek to distribute your legacy in line with your wishes.

If you would like to discuss any of this with us, please call us at The Disabililty Foundation.

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